Be Realistic


I spoke with Coach El and he mentioned he only had a few people for beginner. There are plenty of folks at GCF that can benefit from the beginner challenge. We understand being motivated to take on a big challenge, but the point of these 8 weeks is to build habits that set us up for long term success. Skipping habits might lead you back to where you are currently. Think hard on the effort you will be able to maintain for 8 weeks and pick that program. Every category will give you results.

I also have quiet a few people for Advanced. Advanced means you already eat meals daily that you prepare. You shop with health in mind and you don’t over do it often. Every day, you make health a focus. If you're advanced, you have more than likely done a Whole 30, tracked your food before, and eat at home more often than you eat out. These should already be things that you are doing. If the answer is yes, you are probably ready for advanced. I will expect you to weigh and measure your food in some form and log those into MyFitnessPal. This is a “If it fits your macros” style of eating. Later in the challenge, we will try to balance out meals. After calculating your numbers, it is up to you to consume foods that allow you to hit those numbers to the best of your ability. You won’t be perfect at first, but over time you will get better. If you KNOW you can handle this, sign up. If it sounds overwhelming, then I would suggest signing up for the intermediate where there is some weighing and measuring but it’s not as strict.

Workout of the Day

3 Sets:

10-12 SA Pronated Grip Bent Over Row (3030)

5-7 Seated DB Press (5050) or Deficit HSPU Negative 

B.) 10 Minute AMRAP 

5 Strict Pull Ups 

10 OH Plate Sit Ups (45/25)

15 Push Ups