Invite your Friends to Our Grand Opening


Here is a photo of our flyer that you can  save and email it to your friends, family,  and clients! The grand opening is only 1 week away. We're going to have door prizes and incentives to sign up for new members that will only be available during our grand opening. We're looking forward to a good time with everyone and seeing some new faces. Thank for all of the support!

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Workout of the Day

A.Alt. Hollow/Arch Tabata

B.Side raises 5 x 30/s (15 legs, 15 upper body), rest 1 minute

C.Weighted Pass Throughs / Dislocates 3 x 10-15 (slow. Ribs down), rest 1 minute

D. Scap Push Ups (5x20), rest 1 minute

E. Inchworm to extended plank hold (10 x 10 sec hold) 

Remainder of class- Muscle Up Work


OLY Class

A. 3 & 3's (3 BTN Push press (snatch grip) + 3 OHS) 5 x1 

B. 3 Positon Snatch 5 x 1