Intermediate Participants Tips


We’ve referenced the 800g challenge by Optimize Nutrition for our intermediate program. This company does a great jog simplifying food and taking a lot of “junk” information out of it. The internet is swirling with misguided information but the below picture is the reality of what you need to change areas of your life.

Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all thing. At the core of all nutrition plans should be a strong push towards health not image. Consuming 800g of fruits of veggies in a day is going to be a big step in that direction. For some of you this will be very challenging but we promise it is worth 10x more than the money and time spent with a food scale.

Not only will it keep you from eating junk food, it will boost your energy, improve your sleep, help with weight loss, but most importantly change your habits. Habit change is where 99% of the results are.

Below is a link to the rules and guidelines to the 800g challenge to get a clearer few of what you should do.


Workout of the Day

6 Rounds for Total Reps in 23 minutes

1 minute of Rowing (for calories)

1 minute of Burpees

1 minute of Double-Unders

1 minute Rest

Athletes will work for three minutes straight before resting for one minute. “The Ghost” is a “Fight Gone Bad” AMRAP style workout, where the score is total reps completed at the end of the six rounds. Athletes can keep a running count from movement to movement, or add up all three during their rest period.