Rick Portier reached out to us and asked to do a special workout for someone close to his heart.  Lance Cpl. Taylor Conrad was a close friend to his son, Brock, a fellow Marine. Conrad was killed in a helicopter crash, along with 3 other Marines, Thursday, April 5th. "This young man is one of the big reasons my son is the marine he is today." It was a no brainer to honor someone who has done so much for US. We got you, Rick!!!

Brock told Rick he was into powerlifting in high school. We used that for inspiration. Come pay tribute!


Workout of the Day

"Taylor Conrad"

 2 Rounds For Time with a Partner:

90" PER SIDE -SA Farmers Hold (70/53)

40 Burpees/ 40 Deadlift (225/155)

90" PER SIDE -SA Farmers Hold (70/53)

 30  Box jumps /  30 Back Squats (185/125)

90" PER SIDE -SA Farmers Hold (70/53)

20 Strict Pull Ups/ 20 Bench Press (155/105)

90" PER SIDE -SA Farmers Hold (70/53)

*Both Partners Farmers hold at the same time. One partner will start with the body weight movement and the other will start with the barbell movement. Once they complete the reps, they will switch. Load your own barbell. Take barbell from the rack on back squat and bench. 30 MINUTE TIME CAP.