Health Consciousness Part 3


You have 2 rooms to choose from. One room is filled with pizza and the other is filled with every fruit and vegetable you can image. Which do you choose? DUH. Pizza every time! But why?

We enter the room, eat more than we need,  and this sense of euphoria comes over us. We’re grinning ear to ear, our tummies are full, and our taste buds are satisfied, but then the rain clouds start to roll in and wash away the euphoria leaving us with remorse and the strong need for a nap (and maybe some TUMS). A few days later, you’re presented with the same question. What door do you choose? Pizza of course, and the cycle continues.

Let’s be honest, Y’all. How could a bell pepper possibly compete with something like that? It simply can’t and there is a logical explanation for that.

The more sugar, salt, and processed food you eat, the less sensitive your taste buds become to healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. The dopamine rush that sugar gives off only encourages this behavior making you seek those feel good endorphins over and over. This is where food becomes fun, or as I call it… dangerous. From over consuming sugar, we have now desensitized our taste buds, making healthy eating even harder.

Imagine for a second that your dollars were converted to minutes. Minutes of your life to be exact. How much are you willing to spend on the burger and fries at lunch with your pals?

How much is that frappacino worth at Starbucks at 2pm when you’re “hitting the wall” at work?

Not a dime if you ask me.

On the flip side, every vegetable you consume gives you minutes back to your life.  Are you willing to get over the taste and texture?

It’s not all doom and gloom, folks. You’re in luck. The human body is resilient! Your taste buds aren’t permanently ruined. The weight on your body isn’t stuck there for life. You want change? Be it. The first step is to educate yourself. Don’t just depend on this post. Get on Netflix, watch documentaries. Google articles. Build your knowledge. Most importantly, realize that the food industry DOES NOT have your health in mind. They only want your wallet.

Check out this short video below - It talks about case studies done with sodium and the ability to change your taste buds!

Check this out on NETFLIX!

Check this out on NETFLIX!

Workout of the Day

EMOM X 10 Minutes

Odd- AMRAP Front Squats (175/115)

Even- Rest

B.) ”Karen”

For Time:

150 Wall balls (20/14)