Start Today


We are back to our normal schedule! Don’t wait until Monday to start working towards your goals, start today! 

A great routine will help support any goal that you may have. Find a class that works best for your schedule and attend it at least 3 times a week.  

This will hold you accountable and also create consistent results. It’s not always about feeling your best.  Some days are harder than others but showing up keeps you moving forward and also helps with the “funk” that life brings.

Let’s make consistency a focus for 2019. Whatever you’re working towards, make sure you’re working toward it often.  

We look forward to witnessing all that you achieve! 


Workout of the Day 

A.) 5 sets:

30 sec bottom of Squat Goblet Hold

30 sec Bear Crawl

30 sec Duck Walk

30 sec Dead Hang

8 KB Windmill/side

B.) 10 Min Amrap


Front Squat (185/130)

Goblet DB Step-up  (50/35)