Open Q&A


We're officially 20 days away from the 2019 Open! You may have a few questions so we’ve put together a Q&A. If you have any additional questions just ask.

Q. How do I register for the Open?

A. click this link and fill our your information. Be sure to select Geaux CrossFit as your affiliate. The cost is $20.

Q. Do I have to take the judges course?

A. Yes. This makes the flow of the Open go so much easier and it also informs you of the movement standards. It is mandatory to participate. The cost is $10.

Q. What if we are out of town during the Open?

A. Not a problem! Just drop in at another affiliate where ever you are. You will simply pay a drop in fee and they will judge you. Just email them ahead of time to give a heads up. We have tons of drop ins during the Open.

Q. When do we do the workout?

A. The programmed workout for every Friday during the Open is the Open workout. If you can't make it in Friday, you have until Monday at 7pm to submit your scores on your profile created during registration.

Q. What if I can't complete the Rx workout?

A. The Open has a scaled option for every workout. Each week, you get to decide what to do. ALSO, you will always have a coach guiding you. You're not in this thing alone. We are a team! We will make sure you are doing what needs to be done!

Q. How do I deload and train leading into each workout. When should I rest?

A. Our weekly programming will revolve around the open. Every Thursday will be a easy sweat followed by a 20-30 minute ROM WOD session. This is yoga for CrossFitters.

Q. What about the gym rules? If we want to do the workout during a scheduled class, what's the protocol?

A. On FRIDAY and MONDAY during the open, the gym rules are a little more relaxed. We don't mind you doing the workout at any point but you must have a judge. Also, try and do the workout while the class is doing their workout to prevent the dropping of weights while the coach is going over the movements and instruction.

Q. Why should I do the Open?

A. It’s a celebration of health and fitness. For 5 weeks, you’ll be super focused on eating right, hitting the gym, and giving your all on the workout. This will inspire new goals and create lasting memories with friends and gym comrades. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and exceed your own expectations.


Workout of the Day

A.) 12 minutes:

Heavy Single Strict Press

B.) 3 Rounds for Time with a partner:

10 Strict Press 70%

10 Ring Dips (H.R Push Up)