Geaux CrossFit Scholarship Program


The Christmas party was a blast as usual and we’re so happy that many of you could come out and party with us! This year we did something new and we were excited to share it at one of our favorite events. For the first time ever, we offered a 6 month “fitness” scholarship to one of our very deserving members, Valerie Wright! This was donated to GCF and put in our hands to decide who gets it. We loved the idea so much we’ve decided to make it a thing. Check out the information below to learn how you can contribute to a well deserving student!



Geaux CrossFit Scholarship Program

We all know how important fitness is and how important it is to create a healthy lifestyle early on. One of the best times to establish these healthy habits is during college.

The GCFSP gives businesses or individuals a chance to reward a student for maintaining good grades while being consistent in the gym. This is done by pre-paying for 6 months worth of membership fees on their behalf.

Donation amounts are $550 or $770 to cover a full or part time students membership fees.

You can select a student at the gym that you would like to sponsor or you can donate anonymously and leave it up to the coaches to decide. Decisions are strongly influenced by GPA and gym attendance frequency.

This donation is not tax-deductible, and purely from the goodness of your heart. If you are interested in donating, get with Amber or Johnny at your convenience.

Y’ALL…LOL at this sorry attempt at our group photo. Better luck next year :).

Y’ALL…LOL at this sorry attempt at our group photo. Better luck next year :).

Workout of the Day

A.) Every 2:00 x 5

3 Jerks (building)

B.) 10 to 1

Lateral Burpees over bar

Push Press (115/75)