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Do you own a business or provide a service? Do you like making money? Shaun does and that’s why he jumped on the opportunity to make his business profile for our directory. Because he was so quick to do it, he now gets a little advertisement. Need insurance? He’s your dude!

This is your subtle reminder to make yours! ;-)

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Workout of the Day

A.) 3 Sets

3-5 Weighted Pull Up or Banded PU/Negatives

8-10/s Contralateral Bird Dog + SA Row

B.) 17 Minute AMRAP w/ A partner

250M Row

12 Deadlifts (185/135)

12 Box Jumps (24/20)

*alternate Movements with a partner


10 Minute Clock

30” Work on Kipping Pull Ups

30” Rest


15 Minutes

Snatch 1RM

Rest 5 minutes

8 minute AMRAP

OHS @ 80% of today’s lift