Quit Waiting On The Right Time


Are you constantly looking for the right time to buckle down or start working towards a goal? There is no right time, y’all. Think about it. Our holiday season stretches from October through March. We always have a reason to eat and drink down here but that shouldn’t keep you from working towards something. Say your goal is weight loss and you eat a total of 3 meals a day with no snacks. That is 21 meals a week. 2 days out of that week you have one bad meal and 2 healthy meals. That still means you are eating healthy 90% of the time. Maybe one day you eat and drink whatever you want but the other 7 days of the week you are on your game. That’s still 86% of your week being healthy. The problem occurs when these things are flipped.

Look at your current habits and break them down like I did above. You may eat unhealthy more frequently than healthy and that’s where some major changes can be made. This simple approach can really get the results going and also open your eyes to balance. You can make life events work around your goals and you can also make goals work around your life events. Either way, you’re headed in the right direction. There is so designated time to lose weight or get stronger. Every day is an opportunity. Make the most out of it.


Workout of the Day

A.) Front Squat 3x3 Climbing

B.) 7 Minute AMRAP

Bar Facing Burpees