Speak Up


Sometimes life beats us up a bit and things ache and hurt and sometimes it's because we did too much and need to ease back a little. This doesn't mean you need to skip the gym. It is our job to build an appropriate workout for you! So let's say your knee is really bothering you and we have front squats programmed with running... this is how the conversation would go:

Member: "Hey coach! My knee is really bothering me today. What can I do instead?"

Coach: Oh no! What exactly are you experiencing? Is it when you squat? Run?  Is it constant or only during movement?

Member: Well it hurts when I squat and feels tight throughout the day.

Coach: Ok, no problem. Today you're going to do hollow rocks in place of the front squat and we are going to make that number 30 instead of the 10. For the run, let's see what the row feels like on your knee. If that doesn't feel good, then let's use the bike instead. 

Member: Ok cool! Thanks! 

Coach: Not so fast! After the workout, We're going to stretch your calf muscle and hamstrings thoroughly then flip over and hit the quads. Lets do that every day until the pain subsides. It could be tightness surrounding the knee causing the pain. If it doesn't go away after a week, then give Steve and Kristen a call and have them take a look. 

Member: Alright, sounds good!

A simple conversation goes a long way. Don't be intimidated to ask for help! That is what we are here for! We don't bite.... unless you have food in your hand :).


Workout of the Day

A.) Bench Press  build to a heavy triple

B.) 20 Minute AMRAP

Run 2 Laps

25 Sit Ups

25 Tuck Crunches

25 Supine TTB

50 Mountain Climbers


Run 8 Minutes

Walk 4 Minutes

x 3