1/2 Marathon Training


I’ve been hearing the buzz around our 1/2 marathon training and I am loving the curiosity! Many of you are interested but fear the challenge itself. In my opinion, that means you need to 100% do it. 3 years ago I did my first 1/2 marathon.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified. Since day 1 of CrossFit, running has been one of my biggest challenges. I would feel the anxiety build as I patiently waited for Johnny’s 4:30 post detailing the next days workout. Despite the overwhelming feeling of dread, I showed up. Fast forward a year later and I’m doing the programming for GCF. Programming things you suck at for the greater good of the community feels awesome until you actually have to do it. 

After 5 years of making decent progress in my running, I decided it was time to face my fears. We had a group of about 6 people running the 1/2 so I joined in with them. At first a 5k killed me but then I was relaxing for an hour long run on a Sunday night listening to the “Serial” podcast or chatting it up with one of my GCF running buddies. Talking and running at the same time... YOU SERIOUS DUDE?! Totes serious.

It was great to share that experience with people I trained with nearly every day.

I could really feel the benefits of running in my CrossFit workouts. I felt like I could handle my heart rate. I became better at pacing and my legs felt unstoppable. The physical reward was great but what I mentally gained was far more beneficial. I knew how to push past mental suffering. I realized that I’m not actually dying, my mind is just telling me I am and I realized you don’t have to be fast to call yourself a runner.  

I invite you to come experience all these things with me this January.  Starting in September, we will begin a 3 day a week training program that takes us all the way to January 20th. We will plan group runs, educate on hydration and nutrition, and answer any and all questions! 

We’re just a few weeks out from starting so get comfortable on your feet for 30 minutes.  I look forward to running with you!! -Amber

How you feel when you go sub 3 on “Diane” for the first time.  

How you feel when you go sub 3 on “Diane” for the first time.  

Workout of the Day

A.) EMOM X 4 (12:00)

M1: 30sec ring row hold

M2: 30sec bottom of push up hold

M3: 30-40sec Double/Triple (SKILL PRACTICE)


B.) 2:00 on / 4:00 off X 4

50 Double Unders

AMRAP Bench Press (155/105)


A.) Full Grip Front Squat + Pause Split Jerk: (3+3) x 4

Pause for 3 seconds in the jerk and feel balanced and STACKED (bar over shoulders, shoulders over hips)

B.) Squat Clean + Front Squat+ Push Jerk: (2+3+2) x 2, (2+2+2) x 2, (1+2+1) x 2

C.) Clean Deadlift (No Straps No Hook Grip) 4×3. Heavy as possible.