Find The Way




I’m currently listening to a book on audible called, “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins and something he said really spoke to me. In a nutshell he was talking about goals and how obstacles will present themselves on your journey to achieving whatever it is you’re setting out to do.

Goggins focuses most of his energy on mindset and believe me, he has more than enough experience to teach us.

Whenever you are working towards a goal, you will encounter problems. These things will make you consider giving up or make you feel as though it is impossible. He calls these things “walls”. His advice is simple:

Look for a way around it, through it, or over it and get back on track to your goal. Sometimes our plan won’t work and that’s ok. It just means take another route. It does not mean abort mission.

If you don’t approach a goal with that mindset, chances are you’re going to give up. More importantly, it says that you don’t really want it. You just like the idea of achieving it.

What are you working towards now? Does it matter? Are you willing to do everything in your power to achieve it? You’re going to mess up and there will be days that you don’t try at all. It’s human nature. Always find your way back on track. The below quote says it all:


Workout of the Day

A.) 2-3 sets

12 arch hollow

12 Kipping Knee raise

12 Hollow Arch (Ground)

B.) 8 Min Amrap

2 strict Pull-ups

4 straight leg raise

20 Double Unders

C.) For Time:

2 min OH Hold Buy in

20 Strict Press (95/65)

20 Push Press

20 Jerks