Create Your Own Success


As we continue to grow, we strive to bring you the most value for what you pay for. Our class workouts are varied and intended to target a wide variety of modalities to increase your overall level of fitness. The workouts will encourage skill development, generate unique stressors, cross different modalities, improve quality of movement, and target all 3 metabolic pathways.

But as great as our programming is, we simply cannot target EVERYONE's specific needs with the daily wod. Which is why we have a couple of options for those of you who like to do a bit more but lack the structure or knowledge to do it on your own. 

Starting April 2nd we will have free programming for our open gym room that will be available to everyone. The programming is meant to be complementary and done as an accessory to the daily wod. It is not intended to replace it. The open gym programming will follow basic strength and conditioning progressions and periodization that will allow you to fill those holes in your fitness. 

Another option available to every member is individual programming. With individual programming, you get a program that is written specifically for you, based on an assessment, your goals, and your current fitness level. Sounds awesome right?! Unfortunately, individual programming is not for everyone. If you have trouble working alone, staying focused, and are not self-motivated then individual programming is not for you. If you're new to fitness (less than a year of experience) then we recommend sticking to the class workouts for a bit longer. Individual programming will work great if you're trying to develop those skills that were lacking during the open (Double unders, toes to bar, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups etc...)The cost for individual programming is $50 a month for 2 days a week and $100 for unlimited programming. 


If you want to discuss your fitness and whether individual programming is the right option for you then use the link below to schedule a consult with coach El or shoot him a text @ 225-454-2748


Workout of the Day

10 Minute AMRAP


5 Hang Cleans (135/95)