Do you Have Questions?


We released our nutrition challenge yesterday and we’re sure some of you may have some questions! Comment below with any questions you may have an we will answer them! The challenge kicks off August 5th so you have plenty of time to get your ducks in a row. We encourage everyone to participate!

If you have friends that may be interested in doing it with you, bring them in for a class so they can receive 3 free classes and potentially start or revamp their fitness journey with us!

Workout of the Day

A.) Bench Press  5x5 Across

B.) 12 Minute AMRAP: Relay Rounds with partner

10m Contralateral Carry (OH + FR)

10 Alt KB Push Press (53/35)

10m Contralateral Carry (OH + FR)


Clean and jerk x 15 x 1, Rest 1 minute between lifts (Missed reps count for set)

Using Final Weight, 5 x 1.1.1

*Build in small increments. Focus on speed and technique