Christmas Party- December 14th


We started 2018 off with a bang this year. We were up against the clock on construction of our new location and finished just in time to move during one of our most hectic times of the year, The CrossFit Open. Fast forward a month and we were planing our grand opening. It's been one thing after another and we are ready to close out this amazing year with the people who helped us get through it all, YOU.

This year, we are taking the party outside of the gym. We'll be jingle bell rockin' all night long at The Station Bar & Grill. We're going to use this time to celebrate everything that has happened this year and also welcome all the new faces in our community. 

This is an adult only event so make sure to secure a baby sitter. This is the first year we are going to forego our potluck so you are responsible for nothing other than your bar tab and having a good time. 

We will be providing catered finger foods to keep your spirits bright. We have the bar from 7-10 but the party doesn’t stop until you do or 2am when it closes :).

We'll be taking our group photo at 8:30pm. Please make sure you are there for it!

Please add yourself to our event if you have Facebook! If not, you can always email us and let us know you are coming!

Workout of the Day

A1. 12/S Copenhagen Adductor

A2. 20-30” Fire Hydrant Iso Hold (Banded)

A3. Double KB Russian KBS X 12-15

X 3, Rest 2

B.) Every 3 Minutes x 5

5 Back Squats Climbing