Chomp Nola


We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Chomp Nola! They will begin delivering to Geaux CrossFit next week. This is a service that anyone can use because we are a drop spot for orders. Tell your friends!

CHOMP (Short for “Custom Healthy • Meal Preparation”) NOLA is a local company designed with the health conscious in mind. We provide fresh, healthy prepared meals to the public. A new menu is conjured up every week featuring a variety of very distinct, healthy yet tasty meals, as well as our unique “Create a Chomp” menu, where the customer has the chance to customize his or her own meals. Chomp Nola’s customers, dubbed “Chompers,” have the capability to enjoy a freshly “home” cooked meal, free of guilt and feel as though they are a part of a special community looking out for their best interests.

A few things we love about the company:

  1. They bring it to us.

  2. All meals include macro nutrients

  3. The menu changes weekly

  4. You can order bulk food

  5. You can build your own plate


To order, click services on our website and scroll down to their “ORDER NOW” button.

chomp nola.png

Workout of the Day

20 Minute AMRAP

3 Bar Muscle Up

6 Push Press (135/95)

9 Burpees