Cherry Pickers, Listen Up


Did you look at today’s workout and say, “Ugh. I hate running. I’m not good at it” or at least something along those lines?

If so, why? Why are you not “good” at it? First off, who said you had to be good at running to actually run lol? I’m pretty sure most of us aren’t “good” at CrossFit but we show up everyday because it’s a kick ass workout and we leave feeling better about ourselves.

Don’t run away from things that make you uncomfortable. How do we get better at our weaknesses? We face them. We don’t run from them. Well, in this case, walk from them because running is the problem, right?


AND IF ANYTHING…think about it like this….If you’re ever in a situation where you need to run and keep running- you definitely want to be able to get up and go… Feel me?

Also, it’s not that cold. ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE.

Workout of the Day

Partner Run, Follow the Leader

For Time:

400m Run

2 Laps

1 Mile

2 Laps

400m Run

Ex. You run 400m then I run 400m. You run 2 laps then I run 2 laps.