Blount October


We’re done with Elcanah’s month and I think we can all agree that our legs got STRONGER! We worked light to moderate weights for volume and you’re going to notice a big pay off this month for putting in the work.

We also had plenty of variance in our workouts which included a lot of movements that some of you have never attempted. We dabbled in EMOMs every Monday and worked on gymnastic complexes which is a first at GCF. Not to mention, he treated us to a little active recovery which felt amazing after front squats and Karen. Are you recovered yet lol?

A lot was gained from this past month’s programming and it’s going to snowball straight into Johnny’s month. You should expect to see a whole lotta’ CROSSFIT with a little lifting before hand to warm us up. There won’t be much time to hang around in class… Unless you’re doing the WOD of course.

Everyone enjoy Johnny’s diabolical plan to turn you into super humans.

Workout of the Day

For time:

1 Mile Timed Run

5 Minutes Deadhang

1 Mile Run

*Record first Mile and total time for entire Workout