2 CF Games Tickets For Sale


Are you interested in going to the CrossFit games? You might be in luck. A nice guy stopped by the gym yesterday and had a pretty good offer. He and his wife can no longer go so they are selling their entire trip. Check out the details below:

Cost: $1,000

2 Tickets with coliseum access. Section 312 Row N Seats 5 & 6

2 Round trip tickets. Southwest airline. Leaving New Orleans Friday and landing in Milwaukee. You will need a rental car. Flight home is Monday.

3 Night Stay at AC Hotel Madison (Marriot) *3 miles from colliseum

If you are interested, please text or call Erich Rohwer 918-237-5126.

Workout of the Day

A.) 3 Sets:

8/s Powell Raise 

8/s Seated External Rotation 

B.)5 Sets of 3 Minute AMRAP, Rest 1 between rounds

1 Rope Climb/ 3 Strict Chin Ups/3 Supinated Ring Row  

6 Push Ups 

9 Air Squats 

*Pick up where you leave off


Snatch x 15 x 1, Rest 1 minute between lifts (Missed reps count for set)

Using Final Weight, 5 x 1.1.1

*Build in small increments. Focus on speed and technique