Round of Applause For Maranda


We gave her a little shout out on Instagram but her transformation needs to be seen by all of you! Our community is made up of REAL people trying to better their lives. Consistent behavior will get you there. Check out what Johnny has to say about Maranda and her journey with Geaux CrossFit.

Let me tell you about Maranda. She has improved leaps and bounds in such a short time, that I can be nothing but proud. Her fitness journey started when her son, Nate, started personal training with me in July. It didn’t take long for her to jump on board. Her husband Justin also joined in on the action and the entire family has been training ever since.   

To give you an idea where she started, she has no fitness background. She was not able to run a full lap around the track without walking and she was not able to do a single pushup from her knees.   

Fast forward to January, she can run three miles without stopping or walking. She can do a real pushup from her toes and has nearly eliminated the phrase “I can’t” from her vocabulary.   Additionally, her form and body awareness has improved significantly!

The only downside to all the progress is that she had to purchase all new clothes. She has lost over 40lbs! Her determination and strong mindset has helped keep her diet clean. She has completely adhered to everything I told her about nutrition, with no deviation (except those two slices of pizza on vacation, but I will let that one slide). She posts pictures of the meal prep she does for her family and I’m always drooling over them. Her son Nate has also inspired several other children at school to start eating healthier and exercising. Her husband Justin, who trains and competes with dogs, can nearly outrun a Great Dane….Ok, maybe not, but we are working on it.

Great work Williams family!   


*Here is a video of Maranda’s first real pushup!   It took a lot of yelling and a big effort, but she got it done. She has done many more since this one and each one looks easier than the one before it. Way to go Maranda!

Workout of the Day

A1.)  5/s DKB Front Rack Step Up (1131)

a2.) Russian KBS x 15-20 (70/53)

X 3

B.) For Time w/ Partner:

100 DB Push Press  (50/35)

100 DB BOx Step-overs (24/20)



Deadlift (135/95)

Rest 5 minutes

Tabata :

Hang Power Clean (135/95)

Rest 5 minutes


Push Jerk (135/95)