Accountability Request


Coach Amber and Coach El are asking that you hold them accountable for the next 3 months. They are both dialing in on their nutrition using 2 different methodologies.

Coach El is taking a beginners approach while Coach Amber is choosing an advanced route. Read their Instagram post below to understand the why and how of their process!

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Hi my name is Amber. I weigh 174. I like a good routine but stress and boredom convince me to have my cake and ice cream too. I maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep an athletic figure. In January, I’m running my 3rd half marathon. I want to destroy my previous time of 2:00:28. Lighter and faster is the goal. • • A week or so ago, El and I decided we were ready to challenge ourselves. After multiple attempts of saying we’re going to do one thing then doing another, we decided it was time to reach out to our community to hold us accountable. • • It’s a common misconception that we “have it all together” just because we work at a gym. In reality, we struggle with the same issues as everyone else. For the next 3 months, we are going to focus hard on our nutrition using two different methodologies. • • El is going to practice fundamental nutrition, meaning: *Chewing his food *Eat without distractions *Put his fork down between bites *Stop eating when he’s 80% full -Preparing food more often • • I am going to take a more advanced approach since I have practiced (for the most part) fundamental nutrition for the last few years. • • My plan is to: *Eat 4 prepared meals a day *These meals will be calorically balanced *Each meal with a specific macro count with carbs centered around workout times *Allow 1-2 meals per week where I do not track macros (sanity and balance) • • I will monitor progress by weight and body composition weekly using a scale and tape measure. Once my progress stops, I will reduce my caloric intake. After 12 weeks, I will slowly increase my caloric intake to a new baseline and maintain my results. • • The process above is not a way to live, it is a calculated (advanced) process to losing body fat and maintaining performance. Once the 12 weeks is up I will return to basic fundamental nutrition. • • The next 3 months will be challenging for us but knowing that you all are watching our journey, motivates us to stay on track. Here we go! @_coach_el @geauxcrossfit 📷: @brouchainz

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Us for the next 3 months

Us for the next 3 months

Workout of the Day

A.) Bench Press 3x5 (Across)

B.) “Annie”


Double unders

Sit Ups

“But we just did Annie…”