Best Of luck Trail Runners!


Tomorrow we have 13 members hitting the trails for a 6 or 12 mile run in the Tunica Hills. The event is called Thonnica Khills. Here is the description:

The 2nd Annual Thonnica Khills - Trail Races - is now known as the hardest trail race in Louisiana! With more elevation than any race in Louisiana, this race will destroy the legs of even the best runners. This race will be held on private property that backs up to Tunica Hills.

We kill our legs all the time so we're excited to see how CrossFit comes into play on this race! 

Best of luck to Kristen, Matt, Hannah, Zevi, Rick , Nick J, Reece, Claire M, Damon R, Rebecca S, Michelle L,  Shaun, and Coach Amber.

Workout of the Day

Partner WOD

20min AMRAP

1 Rope climb

8 SA DB OH Lunge (50/35)

8 Burpees over DB

8 SA DB OH lunge

(switch every round)