Programming Switch Up


I think we can all agree that our shoulders got a little stronger in the month of August. All thanks go to Coach Patrick! Patrick programmed the entire month of August and dedicated a lot of our time to developing shoulder endurance, cultivating your handstand, and seeing how hard you could push the pace! We enjoyed our Woman Crush Wednesday workouts, which allowed us to test/ retest our fitness. We had major improvements across the board. 

Now that August has come to an end, it's time to welcome new challenges. These challenges are brought to you by Coach El! Coach El has taken over the programming for the month of September. We can't wait for y'all to get a taste of what El has been brewing up. 

You're in for a treat! Let the September GAINZ commence! 

HEADS UP: We will begin our running program September 10th. A detailed outline will be released this week! 

You probably think its all lifting.... think again!

You probably think its all lifting.... think again!

Workout of the Day

A.)3 sets for quality

8 dual KB FR RFESS 53/35/H

20 sec supinated Hanging L-hold

8 SL KB DL 70/53

rest 90 secs


B.) 20 Min movement Flow

10m Duck Walk

20 sec hollow hold

10 KB windmill/side

20 sec star plank/side

10m crab walk

20 sec superman