Build The New


Hard times can be defined by many different scenarios but they all have one thing in common: They aren’t easy. What is easy, is allowing those stressors to consume us. The mind is a tricky place and just like a child, we have to train and condition it to behave a certain way or else it’s screaming in the aisles of Walmart because you didn’t get them the newest X Box game.

But seriously, you must train your thoughts. When those negative thoughts pop up, talk to yourself. Say what you need to hear to get you closer to the place you want to be. 

But here is the cold hard truth- Those feelings don’t go away over night. It takes time. So be prepared to feel, without letting it alter your day and productivity.

I know this sounds super deep but apply this to whatever it is you are going through. Work. Relationships. Weight loss. Family. It doesn’t matter, the approach is all the same.


Workout of the Day

For Time:


Squat Clean (185/130)

* 6 TGU (62/44) after every round