Get Your Bench Up


Today’s workout is all about the PUSH. We asked Coach El for the low down on the bench press and why it has a place in CrossFit.

The bench press is the upper body version of a squat. It targets your pecs, delts, and triceps. This lift requires stabilization from your scapular group and core and will also  strengthen your wrist. Performing the movement with a jerk grip will target your triceps more and put less strain on your pectoral muscles. Functionally, the bench press is the equivalent of doing a push-up, or better yet, your ability to push yourself off the ground. For structural balance you should be able to bench press 66% of your back squat. I utilize the bench press in my individual programming to develop over all upper body strength. This allows the athlete to maximize gains in movements such as ring dips, muscle ups, HSPU, burpees (Yes, burpees),  and overhead barbell movement.

-Coach  El,  GCF Coach  & Remote Head Coach for Brute Strength

A few points Coach forgot to mention is it also makes your arms look really good in a shirt, you can talk trash to your friends, and you can hang out with Ted Adams during open gym 🤪.


Workout of the Day

A1. DB or KB Floor Press 8-10 (30x2)

A2. DB Flys 8-10 (30x1)

A3. 30” Reverse Plank

X 3, Rest 2

B.) Every 3 Minutes x 5 Sets

5 Bench Press Climbing