Emotions and Perception


Your mood directly correlates with how you see the world and the things happening around you day to day. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you may get into an argument with your spouse on who’s making the coffee or a coworker who types too loud at their desk.

There is nothing wrong with feeling a certain way, but understanding that these emotions, without keeping them in check, have the power to alter how we see things happening around us. If we’re not careful, it can cause us to be reactive rather than proactive.

Weight loss and training in general can be an emotional roller coaster. The results don’t come fast enough. You feel tired & deprived. These are common frustrations that come with starting a healthy lifestyle and they are all emotionally driven.

If you’re looking to make long term changes, then you’ll need to focus heavily on the messages bouncing around in your head. It’s ok to not trust yourself sometimes because the thoughts that are circulating are directly correlated to how you are feeling and what’s going on in your life. It’s easy to convince yourself of something when your emotions are through the roof.

I can personally say that focusing energy on my emotions and perception  has genuinely improved my quality of life. I have not mastered it, but in trying, I have learned so much about myself. If you’re looking for a good read/listen, The Obstacle Is The Way talks heavily on this topic. I’ve also posted the link to a quick 3 minute read if you’re interested in learning more.


The person who understands that our perception changes with our emotions knows that what we see is not a true, solid reality. What we see is distorted by the emotion that is running us at that moment. It makes sense that we try and gain control over our emotions if we are to have a chance at not being run by our lower primal instincts.
— Scott Trettenero

Workout of the Day

A.) Strict Press 3x3 Across

B.) For Total Reps:

Tabata HSPU/ Push Press

Tabata TTB

Tabata BJO (24/20)

*Rest 1 minute between tabatas