Transformation Tuesday: Erin Vollmer


Check out Erin Vollmer’s story below about her journey in weightloss with Geaux CrossFit. it’s been an incredible experience as a coach to watch her transformation. She used to be upset at all the things she could not do. Now, I hear here celebrate all the things she can. I feel 100% confident that this is only the beginning for Erin. I hope her story resonates with you and inspires you to seek change within yourself and your actions. Share her story and celebrate her success!

Almost 3 years ago I walked into Geaux CrossFit. It was a few months before my 40th birthday and I was about 80 lbs over weight. I knew I needed to do something to get healthy. I hadn't done ANY structured exercise in over 5 years and I was addicted to food...sweet, savory, rich & creamy...the taste, the mouth feel, the emotions it induced. I let the food have control over me. I knew this was unhealthy, so I started with my 1st Whole30 about a month after I turned 40. I was successful. It was challenging, I lost 10 lbs and I felt great! But my mind didn't change, my habits, my outlook and my self-perception hadn't changed. I saw it as a 30 day challenge, not a lifestyle change. And then, well, life continued to happen. I'm a busy wife and mom. I help my husband run his construction company, I manage our household and I homeschool my 2 children who are 8 & 6. I was constantly doing everything for everyone else and leaving nothing for myself. I didn't feel I deserved to take care of myself...I felt I wasn't worth the time and energy it would take. Over the course of the next 2 years I gained back the 10 lbs I lost and an additional 20 lbs. Now I was 100 lbs overweight! Then, finally, a month after my 42nd birthday it clicked! If I wanted to really be a healthy person, I had to make myself a priority. I had to change my mindset, my perception, my identity and ultimately my everyday habits. I listened to some great books (It Starts with Food, Food Freedom, Atomic Habits) & I started another Whole30 this time as a reset...a lifestyle reset. I committed to actions that would help to strengthen the identity I wanted to have. Every choice could either bring me closer to or further away from the healthy identity I wanted to have. Consistency has been my goal...meal prep, eat clean & go to the gym. I've had to commit to the process, not the end result. It's not an over night sprint, it's a lifelong marathon. Food no longer controls me, it still consumes a lot of my thought, but I'm in control of what I put in my body. I have little or no cravings. It's a very freeing feeling. So far, in the last 21 weeks, I've lost 45 lbs and hit at least 8 PRs in the gym. My deadlift, push press, bench press, back squat, front squat, squat clean have all increased significantly. I ran 6 laps during a WOD (this is the most I have EVER run in my LIFE!)...I used to have to stop and walk half way through 1 lap. And I was able to do 4 strict push ups...previously, I could only do them on my knees. It's not easy and I have to constantly tell myself that I AM worth the effort. I now have more to give to the people around me, because I have chosen to make myself a priority just as much as them.

Workout of the Day

A.) 5 Heavy Sets (Across)

1 Squat Clean + 3 Front Squats

Rest 3 minutes

B.) Row 2 minutes Max Distance