Amber Leonard

Throughout my life I have been active. Growing up surrounded by woods and adventure, I had no choice but to embrace my athletic side!  I played competitive softball year round, and also played  basketball, volleyball, and threw javelin for my high school. During my first few years of college, I missed the structure of team sports and had no clue where to begin my individual journey into fitness. Luckily a friend pointed me towards CrossFit and I began September of 2010. Johnny and I hit it off from the start and he invited me to join his team. In November of 2010, I officially became a Coach.  My passion for coaching and the relationships with the members solidified my place and I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life.  In July 2013, I became co owner of Geaux CrossFit.  I am in charge of programming for our group classes and also website and social media management.

I thoroughly enjoy the community that we have cultivated here at Geaux. I look forward to watching people shift their mentality about health and fitness. The moment you enjoy hard work, the possibilities become endless.

-CrossFit Level 1
-CrossFit Level 2
-CrossFit Gymnastics
-USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach