Services Overview


Our group classes are focused on providing an energetic, goal driven atmosphere, that makes fitness fun. The workouts include elements of cardio, strength, gymnastics, agility and more. The workouts are modified per person, making it feel similar to personal training.


Personal training is all about you!  One on one training provides accountability and also designs a training program specific to your goals and needs.  Whether you want to spend a hour working on form or train regularly for a specific goal, we have packages that meet your needs.


In addition to our group classes, we offer individualized programming. We analyze your areas of weakness and create a custom plan that can be performed in addition to our classes.  If you’re looking to get your first strict pull up, improve your 5k run, or build your overall strength, this is the step to get you there!



We know the struggle that comes with starting a healthy lifestyle. We put together the nutritional program to help get rid of the “guilt” that comes with dieting. We will teach balance of macronutrients, meal preparedness, provide accountability, and how to make it fit your busy life.


Steve Levins and Kristen Glascock of Delta Physical Therapy offer an array of services to keep you on your feet and moving well. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, muscular imbalances, or limited range of motion, these experts have you covered. Delta offers dry needling, mobilization, and targeted exercise programs to keep you 2 steps ahead. 


With 20 year’s of experience under her belt, we are positive Jill Neubig can keep you feeling 100%. Life, in general, demands a lot of our muscles. If you sit at a computer desk, drive all day, or train vigorously, it’s time to give your body the attention it deserves. Jill specializes in deep tissue sports massage.



We are proud to partner with Avec Tous Provisions, a local company here in Baton Rouge! We understand that life can be hectic which leads to bad habits and eating on the go. Avoid unhealthy eating by letting the experts, Christy and Lance, take care of your meals! Now you can get fed and fit all in one place!